A new app, and first of its kind, is now here to help you calculate your carbon footprint. Oroeco allows you to monitor your carbon footprint based on your purchases. The app has partnered with Mint.com, another tool that helps you stick to your monthly budgets by tracking your purchases and giving you reports about your spendings (i.e. $200 on entertainment, $500 on groceries, etc.). By utilizing Mint.com’s software, the Oroeco app can easily analyze the climate impact of your behaviors and provide you with monthly reports on your carbon footprint.



Screenshot credit: TreeHugger.com


The app is also social and competitive. It allows you to follow your Facebook friends and other people in your area and compare your carbon footprint to theirs. When you do well, you can even earn in-app badges and real-life rewards, like a Nest Thermostat. On the other hand, if you feel guilty about your carbon footprint, you can purchase carbon offsets right through the app.

Oroeco also offers you information on how to reduce your impact a lot of helpful information about the climate impact of different everyday behaviors so that users can make for informed decisions. Oroeco is currently in beta, but a mobile app will be launching soon.