Is This The World’s Coolest Tesla Charger? هل هذا هو أروع شاحن تيسلا في العالم؟

2019-01-27T15:04:20+03:00January 27th, 2019|Categories: #Creative, #Design, #electriccars, #greenetworks, #tech, #Technology|Tags: , , |

Is This The World’s Coolest Tesla Charger? In addition to designing sleek cars, Tesla also designs eye-catching electric vehicle chargers. However, someone else appears to be stealing the limelight. According to Inverse, “When Tony Caciolo put the finishing touches on his Tesla electric car charger, he didn’t expect to become an internet sensation. The destination charger is styled like a [...]

Vertical ruler improves table management in Google Docs  تحسين المساطر الرأسية للجداول في مستندات Google

2021-07-17T23:51:00+03:00October 23rd, 2018|Categories: #Design, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #Gsuite|Tags: , , |

Vertical ruler improves table management in Google Docs In response to user feedback, Google is adding a vertical ruler in Google Docs on the web that will help you manipulate tables and control the margins in headers and footers. When you’re using a table, you’ll see your table structure highlighted in a vertical ruler on the [...]

Improving the Menus in Google Docs Editors – تحسين القوائم في محررات مستندات جوجل

2021-07-17T23:55:31+03:00February 28th, 2018|Categories: #Design, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #Gsuite, #News, #tech, #Technology|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Based on usage data and your feedback, Google is making some changes to the menus in the web versions of the Google Docs editors. These are similar to the changes they made in December and in January and will make it easier to find certain items. Changes that affect all Docs editors menus (including Google Docs, Slides, [...]

Mercedes new eSprinter electric version – نسخة مرسيدس الكهربائية “eSprinter“ الجديدة

2021-07-17T23:55:35+03:00February 24th, 2018|Categories: #Creative, #Design, #environment, #global_warming, #Green, #greenetworks, #Health, #News, #tech, #Technology|Tags: , , , , , |

The all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter commercial van has been revealed, and besides new styling, it comes with an array of interesting features. Starting with the look of the van, the grille is narrower, and the headlights are thinner and wider. The lights also sit higher up. As for the rest of the van, any extraneous creases [...]

Delegate additional Gmail privileges to users – تفويض لامتيازات اضافية لبريد جوجل الي المستخدمين

2021-07-17T23:56:13+03:00January 16th, 2018|Categories: #Cloud_computing, #Design, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #Gsuite, #Howto, #Technology|Tags: , |

Managing the secure and efficient flow of email is critical to any organization’s success, but it can be a massive undertaking for a G Suite admin. To make this effort a bit easier, Google is introducing three new Gmail privileges that G Suite super admins can grant to other users—without needing to give them super admin [...]

Install Gmail Add-ons for your entire domain – تثبيت إضافات بريد جوجل الي نطاقك بالكامل

2021-07-17T23:56:18+03:00January 12th, 2018|Categories: #Design, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #Gsuite, #Technology|Tags: |

Google recently launched Gmail Add-ons, which allow you to work with your favorite business apps—directly from Gmail. To make it super easy for users to access these helpful tools,  now it’s possible for G Suite admins to install Gmail Add-ons for their entire domains. To install an Add-on, click the Settings gear icon in Gmail and [...]

Improving the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides – تطوير القوائم و اشرطة الادوات في مستندات و شرائح جوجل

2021-07-17T23:56:21+03:00January 8th, 2018|Categories: #Design, #Google_apps, #Gsuite, #Howto|Tags: , , , , |

Google are making some changes to the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides on the web. These changes will make it easier to find certain items and increase consistency across Docs and Slides. Among other things, you’ll notice the following: In Docs and Slides, “Lists” in the Format menu has been renamed “Bullets and [...]

New Google Calendar web UI upgrading users on Jan 8th 2018 – تحديث واجهة مستخدم ويب لتقويم جوجل الجديد في 8 يناير 2018

2021-07-17T23:56:26+03:00January 4th, 2018|Categories: #Business, #Cloud_computing, #Design, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #News, #tech, #Technology|Tags: , , , |

In October 2017, Google announced a new user interface (UI) for Google Calendar on the web. As a reminder, admins have several options for how their users will transition to this new UI. On January 8th for Rapid Release domains (and January 15th for Scheduled Release domains), they’ll begin auto-upgrading users whose domains are set to [...]

How your website redesign can sabotage your paid search efforts – كيف يمكن لإعادة تصميم موقعك تخريب جهود البحث المدفوعة

2017-11-29T23:40:09+03:00December 3rd, 2017|Categories: #Business, #Design, #Howto, #Web_development, #website_design|

Relaunching a website can be very exciting for a business, but columnist Pauline Jakober warns that without careful planning, a redesign can damage your PPC program. In this article, we will walk through what can go wrong with website redesign from the vantage point of PPC professionals. By knowing these problem areas in advance, you and [...]

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