Porsche Mission E Will Get 600-Horsepower – طراز “E” من “Porsche” سيصل الي 600 حصان

2021-07-17T23:53:11+03:00June 13th, 2018|Categories: #Green, #greenetworks, #News, #tech, #Technology, #Videos|Tags: , , , , , |

Porsche continues to make progress in developing its Mission E electric sports sedan, and apparently it's made enough of them to let former F1 driver and recent Porsche 919 Hybrid endurance car driver Mark Webber take a turn behind the wheel. The company got his test drive on video, along with his impressions. He seems quite [...]

SureFly’s Hybrid Electric Helicopter Takes Its First Flight – مروحية “SureFly” الكهربائية الهجينة تأخذ أول رحلة لها

2021-07-17T23:53:44+03:00May 22nd, 2018|Categories: #Green, #greenetworks, #News, #tech, #Technology, #Videos|Tags: , , , |

Even though it's a few months late from the CES 2018 target date, SureFly, part of Workhorse Group, has finally run a flying test of its hybrid-electric helicopter, The company touts that the flight is completely untethered and was an FIA-sanctioned flight. It all seems like it's getting much closer to production. As you'll see, for [...]

Hangouts Meet Metrics In Reports API – مقاييس “Hangouts Meet” في تقارير واجهة البرمجة

2021-07-17T23:56:02+03:00February 1st, 2018|Categories: #Audio, #Business, #Cloud_computing, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #Gsuite, #Mobile, #Mobile_apps, #Technology, #Videos|Tags: , , , , , |

Hangouts Meet metrics added to G Suite Reports API To help you better understand Hangouts Meet usage within your domain, they’re introducing more than 50 new metrics in the Reports API Customer Usage report. These new metrics provide details on the duration, size, and device-specific characteristics of the Meet calls across your organization. This will give [...]

Dial into Hangouts Meet from nine additional markets – في تسعة أسواق إضافية “Hangouts Meet” الاتصال عبر

2021-07-17T23:56:09+03:00January 20th, 2018|Categories: #Audio, #Business, #Google_apps, #greenetworks, #Gsuite, #News, #tech, #Technology, #Videos|Tags: , |

In October 2017, Google announced the rollout of international Hangouts Meet dial-in phone numbers for G Suite Enterprise domains. This option helps your team to stay connected, wherever they are. They’ve added this functionality for nine additional countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey. The current list of included countries (with [...]

Changing how you view photos and videos in Google Drive – تغيير كيف يمكنك عرض الصور و الفيديو في “Google Drive”

2021-07-17T23:56:41+03:00December 7th, 2017|Categories: #Google_apps, #Photo, #Technology, #Videos|

Today in Google Drive you can view your Google Photos directly via a tab in the left navigation and from folders within My Drive. In early January 2018, They will simplify Drive navigation by removing the Google Photos tab. You can continue to access your photos and videos in Drive by creating a Google Photos folder [...]

Record a Hangouts Meet meeting and save it to Google Drive – تسجيل اجتماع ” Hangouts Meet” وتخزينه في جوجل دريف

2021-07-17T23:56:45+03:00December 1st, 2017|Categories: #Cloud_computing, #Google_apps, #Mobile_apps, #Technology, #Videos|

Whether for trainings, important announcements, or syncing with your team, meetings have many purposes. Sometimes not every teammate can attend, or there is a need to share or reference notes from meetings after they have ended. To simplify this process, “Hangouts Meet” video meetings for “G Suite” Enterprise edition can now be recorded and saved to [...]

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