A cyclist will put out roughly 100 watts of power when riding at a vigorous pace (in this case, watts are not being used to describe electricity, but power in general). If we attached a generator to their bicycle, the electricity created by our cyclist would be sufficient to light a single 100 watt bulb. Over the course of an hour, the amount of energy consumed by that bulb (or created by the cyclist) is expressed as 100 watt-hours (or .1 kilowatt-hours).

In 2007, the world’s entire electrical consumption was 17.1 billion megawatt-hours (a megawatt-hour is equal to 1,000 kWh). If every human being on the planet hopped on a bicycle, all 6.5 billion of us would have to pedal 24 hours a day for three years to produce that amount of energy.

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