Mobile App Development 

Promote Your Business through a

Mobile App

With a mobile app you are literally in your customer’s pocket 24/7.

Almost any business could benefit from a mobile app, whether for internal use by their members and employees, for their clients, or even for the public. Each of them has its use and benefits.

You can provide an app for your business internally to increase productivity and mobility in your business. An app for your clients is always a great idea to promote your products and build a loyal client base. With our solutions specifically designed to increase turnover and brand awareness, an application will help you engage, inform and impress your clients.

With a mobile app you are literally in your customer’s pocket 24/7. This means you can Reach them 24/7 with your products and services and engage them like never before.

A free public app that offers something useful or interesting to users can actually go a long way in promoting your business and brand without even selling or advertising anything on the app. For example, a beauty clinic can offer an app to all users that provides free beauty tips and advice from their experts, and thus promoting their brands and build trust and loyalty with the public.

If you wonder how an app can be useful for your business, greenetworks will help you design and build an app that suits your business needs and marketing goals. Even if you have no idea what you want your app to look like, or what kind of services it will offer, our team of designers will do the brainstorming for you and even offer you many options for your app.

Business Benefits

  • Gain popularity and introduce your business in a creative way
  • Gain accessibility to your clients
  • Encourage Client Engagement
  • Increase sales through loyalty programs
  • Apart from your competition by incorporating modern technology to your business



Key Features

  • Personalized, intuitive, and attractive design
  • Access to our CMS and your own management dashboard
  • Access to our full feature set and future add-ons to upgrade your app
  • Analytics and reporting tools, push notifications, and automated re-publishing to iTunes and Google Play stores
  • Technical support, maintenance, upgrades and automatic updates
  • Unlimited app store downloads and customer usage

If you need an app, contact us and we will find perfect solution specially for you!