It’s easy going green: Office Paper

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It's easy going green: Office Paper We might have talked many times before about how going green inside the office is a great way to cut cost while also helping the environment. However the amount of change needed can be overwhelming. But we can help ease the transition. It doesn't have to happen over night. Small [...]

Green your office like a boss with these 3 easy steps

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Business owners today are looking for ways to cut costs and increase revenue. The best way to do that is to go green! It helps you cut cost, boosts your company reputation and is good for the environment. Here are 3 easy steps for you to go green with your business. 1. Telecommuting for employees Telecommuting [...]

Why Green Hosting Matters?

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You might wonder what is "Green Hosting" ? Or why did we take it as our concept and method? When it comes to the level of technical support needed to maintain a fully functional website, not many people consider the impact it has on the environment. Just one website requires an entire server to be running [...]

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